Update on the 2018-2022 Neighbourhood Planning programme

Posted on the 9th November 2017

The Government has confirmed a new 2018-2022 programme which aims to continue to deliver support to communities who are (or are interested in) creating a neighbourhood plan or order, including members of public, community organisations and town and parish councils. The support shall also be available to those replacing and/or modifying an existing neighbourhood plan.

The range of support that shall be available includes:

Core support

Including online resources, expert advice, and networking facilitation.

Financial Grants

Provision of both core  and additional grants to fund neighbourhood planning activities. All groups will be able to apply for a basic grant of up to £9k. A further additional grant of up to £8k can be applied for where a plan meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • It allocates sites for housing
  • It includes site-specific design codes
  • It is a business neighbourhood plan
  • It covers a cluster of three or more parishes (‘multi-parished area’)
  • It covers a neighbourhood area with a population of over 25,000.

Previous grant expenditure under the 2015-2018 support programme for every group shall be rolled-over and subtracted from the amount of grant available under 2018-2022 programme, to ensure that new and existing groups are on a level playing field. All grant will need to be spent within the financial year in which it is awarded (i.e. by 31 March), regardless of when in the year it was awarded.

Technical Support

Provision of specialist, technical support packages to deliver specific plan outputs. As with additional grant, Technical Support will be available where plans allocate sites for housing and / or include site-specific design codes. Select Technical Support packages shall also be available to support Neighbourhood Development Orders (NDOs), the establishment of neighbourhood planning groups in un-parished areas, and the resolution of disputes that are stalling plan progress.

Further details regarding the new 2018-2022 programme will be available in the new year, however it is anticipated that groups will be able to apply for grants for the next financial year (ie issued after 1 April 2018) from February 2018, and be able to apply for related Technical Support packages from April 2018.

Find out more about the current programme here

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