Bright Ideas funds new mining-themed playground

Posted on the 23rd March 2017

Communities Week 2017: Chair of Kiveton Park & Wales CDT, Steph Hryschko, tells us how Bright Ideas Funding will create a new mining-themed playground.

Twelve months ago, Kiveton Park & Wales CDT opened a new Community Sports Park funded by Power to Change, Sport England and corporate investment from Harsco Steelphalt.

With over 200 people per day using the facility it soon became evident that expending all that energy needs sustenance and refreshment!

Over £30,000 of refreshments have been sold at the side of the pitch by one of the local football clubs. We quickly realised that our next project should be for a community cafe on the site. Along with this we wanted to provide a play area for younger children.

As Kiveton Park is a former mining community we started to look at costs of play equipment with a mining related theme. As the colliery closed 20 years ago, we now have a whole generation who know very little about their industrial heritage. Play equipment could introduce them to this in a fun way.

When we discovered that there was no such thing as ‘mining-themed play equipment’ we decided to design our own. As we reminisced our childhood, the pit wheel became a climbing frame, the Davy lamp a roundabout, the pit pony a rocking horse and the spoil buckets a zip wire…

These were our squiggles, drawn on the back of an envelope. As you can see – I am no artist!

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

We then took the idea to Sheffield Hallam University Engineering Department and the students took our ideas to a whole new level with some brilliant designs.

With Bright Ideas Funding we can put these designs through the ‘Cadubator’ which draws up all the parts, nuts and bolts into something ready for manufacturing. Together with information boards, we will have a lasting legacy of our heritage which will be loads of fun, as all good learning should be.

We hope this may also be of interest to other former mining communities (multiple orders for production may get the costs down!).

by Steph Hryschko, Chair of Kiveton Park & Wales CDT

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