How to write planning policies

This resource explains:

  • what a neighbourhood plan policy is
  • how to structure a neighbourhood plan policy
  • how to develop neighbourhood plan policies
  • types of planning policies
  • how to word policies.

How to write planning policies presentation slides

Supports the How to write planning policies resource.

Writing planning policies video

Tips and advice about how to approach policy writing for the first time, as well as discussion on how to structure your policy and what makes an effective policy.

How planning applications are determined video

Advice from a development management officer on how planning applications are determined and the importance of wording your policies clearly and concisely.

Deconstructed policies

Two examples of planning policies broken down to show you how they were written.

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How to write planning policies (442.3KB pdf) How to write planning policies presentation slides (887.0KB pdf) Deconstructed planning policies (501.7KB pdf)

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