Asset of Community Value (ACV) Kit

Author: Locality

This Kit contains a selection of key resources for communities who would like to nominate land or buildings as an Asset of Community Value (or an ACV).

Applications for nomination need to be made to the local council in which the asset is located.

The Community Right to Bid allows communities and parish councils to nominate buildings or land for listing by the local authority as an asset of community value. If the assets comes up for sale, the

Key resource

The full government regulation on Assets of Community Value (ACV) 2012.

Template forms to nominate an Asset of Community Value. Template form (PDF) Template form (Word doc) 21 signatures template


Have you listed an asset of community value in your local area? Are you the proud owner of a listed asset? Do you know or use one of these buildings? If so, you can now apply for an ACV Certificate


Community Pubs Kit

Author: Locality

A collection of must-read resources on community pubs including information on assets of community value and the Community Right to Bid.

Beer taps

Through the Localism Act 2011, the Government has introduced new powers for communities in England to nominate valued facilities such as pubs as 'assets of community value'. Where pubs are listed t


Nominating an Asset of Community Value means proposing that a building or land is included in a list of buildings and land of community value maintained by the local authority. This type of listing sh

An ‘asset of community value’ is an asset that furthers the social well-being or social interests of the local community (or has done in the recent past). ‘Social interests’ can include cul

To nominate an asset to be listed as an Asset of Community Value by the local authority, you must be locally connected to the area and: be a community interest group: i.e. a legally constituted or

No, because planning policy determines permitted uses for particular sites. However, the fact that the site is listed may affect planning decisions – it is open to the Local Planning Authority to de

Community Asset Transfer and the Community Right to Bid are sometimes confused, but they function in different ways: Community Asset Transfer Community Right to Bid/Asset of Community Value

Key resource