Our Place puts communities at the heart of service delivery in their area and involves local partners within a neighbourhood coming together with local people to identify the issues that matter most to them.

These Our Place partnerships develop plans to tackle these issues and have the potential to influence how local budgets are spent, redesigning and potentially commissioning, managing or delivering services locally – revolutionising the way their neighbourhood works.


The Our Place approach builds on the achievements of the Neighbourhood Community Budgets (NCB) programme which piloted this approach in 2012/13 in 12 areas with the support of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The 12 pilots (now Our Place Pioneers) each produced an Operational Plan and are now at various stages of implementation.

In December 2013, DCLG commissioned Locality and partners to deliver Our Place 2014/15 which currently supports 118 areas to develop an operational plan by March 2015. DCLG would like to build on this enthusiasm for local service transformation and provide the opportunity for another 100 areas to work in this way.

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The Our Place programme

A package of Grants & Support for neighbourhoods has been made available from 1 April 2015 to support at least 100 neighbourhoods (including 20 parish councils). These Our Place areas must develop an operational plan by March 2016 that details how a local service that has been prioritised by the community will be transformed.

Achievements from the programme

Logic model

Within the first two months of receiving their Grant, Our Place areas will complete a logic model to present a picture of how their proposal is supposed to work and explaining why their strategy is a good solution to the problem at hand. Logic models can energise and rally support for an initiative by declaring precisely what areas are trying to accomplish.

>> Download Introduction to logic models and examples

Operational plan

The main goal for areas on the programme is an operational plan signed off by all relevant local partners and ready to be implemented from 1 April 2016.

An operational plan should set out how the local priorities will be tackled by identifying:

  • Which local services will be redesigned and how
  • Who will deliver the new way of working
  • How it will be managed
  • Business cases and cost benefit analyses
  • Clear and credible implementation routes.

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About the programme

Locality in partnership with the Community Development Foundation (CDF) and delivery partners have been commissioned to run Our Place 2015/16 programme.