If your area is crying out for decent, affordable housing, why not consider taking some local action to set up your own housing project?

Forming a community group to create local homes has never been more achievable. This is because the Localism Act 2011 has made it easier for communities to have more of a say over what they want to build, and where they want to build it.

What is Community-led Housing?

Community-led Housing projects are run by individual community groups determined to build the types of homes that local people need and want. These projects are aimed at solving local problems through local control.

If your community is facing any of the following issues, community-led housing could be for you.

  • young people struggle to get on the housing ladder because house prices are too high, or there simply are not enough smaller, more affordable homes available
  • older residents want to downsize, but can’t find the right kind of properties without moving many miles out of the area
  • those in need, such as unemployed people or single parents, have very little chance of finding decent local houses in which to live
  • reasonably priced family homes are in short supply
  • developers are not building the kind of homes people want or need
  • there is a long waiting list for council housing
  • you have a motivated community group in place or are about to create one.

What help is available?

The following help is available for groups interested in Community-led Housing: