Closing Date:Applications are now closed.

Amount available per grant: Up to £5000.

The CED programme will offer the following grants & support to selected communities, to help them produce a well-supported, dynamic and deliverable local economic plan. This will include:


Flexible funding

A grant of up to £5,000 will be available to support the further development of your plan. This grant can be used to fund various activities including further consultation within your community, accessing professional support to develop technical aspects of the plan, or support to produce the plan.


A dedicated adviser

All communities will be allocated an experienced advisor who will act as the main point of contact, providing guidance and support through each stage of the programme. With your adviser, you will be able to:

  • Build initial support for your community’s involvement, pulling together a local leadership team of representatives from the community, local businesses and the public sector.
  • Attend a regional event which brings together other participants and the wider adviser group, to understand the support activities you will be able to access to help you towards producing a community economic development plan.
  • Deliver a full-day workshop to explore possibilities, identify priorities and potential activities that will form the basis of your plan. This workshop will also help to identify further support you may wish to access and how your grant could be used to help develop your initial ideas.
  • Continue receiving support from your advisor over the course of the programme to help you move towards completing your plan.

Specialist support

In combination with the grant, the programme partners can provide six days of additional specialist assistance to each community covering these areas:

  • The entrepreneurial community: helping communities to better understand the key dimensions of community enterprise: business planning, community engagement, governance and finance
  • Financing our future: helping communities to better understand their local economic financing possibilities and potential
  • Strengthening local economic impact: assisting communities in enabling their key businesses or other large organisations to more actively engage with the local economy
  • Business planning and asset transfer: showcasing the range of Community Rights and how they can assist in community economic development including the transfer of land and buildings into community ownership, neighbourhood planning and public service re-design and delivery.

Guidance Notes

Download: Guidance Notes for Community Economic Development programme (PDF 172kb)

Alternative grants

If you live in a coastal community, there is another funding scheme that you may be eligible to apply for:

Opportunity to set up Coastal Community Teams

Projects to revitalise coastal towns and villages can sometimes happen in isolation and often the ideas, enthusiasm and pride within communities are not tapped into through the involvement of local groups. Community groups in coastal areas now have the opportunity to be involved in setting up a ‘Coastal Community Team’ which will enable local people to come together to develop a common vision for their area in partnership with the local authority and businesses. They will work together to develop a plan for making improvements to make their coastal area an even better places to live and work. £10,000 of grant funding is available to help with the establishment of each Coastal Community Team to support development of the plan and/or take forward initial projects.

Find out more about the scheme and information about how to bid.