My Community Network

Have you heard about the My Community Network, where you can meet and chat to experts and connect with others who are also passionate about their community?

Sign up today and be a part of the incredible activity taking place across our communities.

What is the My Community Network?

The My Community Network is a range of ways for you to get advice and support, giving you access to:

  • Peer learning hubs, an opportunity for you to meet with like-minded people in your area to network, debate, learn, share ideas and start to address challenges and issues in your community
  • Support and advice from the My Community Champions – people like you who have achieved great things within their local community and can share their learning and experiences
  • Access to free events that look at the tools available to make changes in your community such as the community rights, grants programmes and support
  • The My Community Network e-newsletter, a regular update from Locality and partners with news, learning events, stories, resources and more.

Why join?

As a member of the My Community Network you can expect to receive:

  • Access expert advice
  • Inspiration and tips from other people from across the country
  • Quick responses to questions about community activity and programmes
  • Networking with like minded and experienced people
  • Coaching and mentoring from experts in the field
  • Access to support and advice from the My Community Champions
  • Invitations to free learning hubs

How can you get involved?

Sign up for the My Community Network e-newsletter to receive regular updates on what is happening within our movement.

Become a My Community Champion

My Community Champions are ambitious and inspirational leaders who are the voice for keeping it local. They understand the value and importance of localism, community rights and My Community programmes and are willing to help others to get involved.

We are seeking out Champions from different sectors and backgrounds – from the public, private and voluntary based sectors. You may be an individual or an organisation and you must be passionate and committed to driving change in local public services.

You will be prepared to offer some time and use your own skills, experiences and expertise to promote My Community and the local approach:

  • Guiding, coaching and mentoring areas
  • Sharing learning through peer groups, case studies, networking and training events
  • Influencing, advising and driving policy changes
  • Raising awareness of My Community and the programmes offered.

In return, Champions will learn from others across the community rights programmes, increasing their knowledge and develop stronger connections with policy leaders.

For more information or to sign up contact: [email protected]